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First, you choose a Monument Health plan from Rocky Mountain Health Plans or you’re offered a Monument Health plan by your employer.

Then, you select a Tier 1 primary care provider from any of our five primary care practices and our 120+ primary care providers.

All Monument Health plans—including those offered by Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) or those offered in partnership with CNIC or Cigna—offer you access to the clinically integrated Monument Health Tier 1 network.  We believe you will experience the highest level of care with the most manageable costs when you see Monument Health Tier 1 providers.


High Standards

They met criteria to put you at the center of care.

Evidence-Based Practice

They follow guidelines, which makes your care more standard and efficient.

Quality Measures & Payment for Performance

They are regularly measured—and paid—according to how well they take care of you.

Whole-Patient Focus

They take care of you in sickness and in health, and they emphasize wellness.

Team Approach

They work together as a team to coordinate your care and ensure you won’t waste time and money on repeated or unnecessary tests.

You and your family may also see Tier 2 providers in Mesa County, throughout Colorado and even nationwide.  For RMHP and CNIC health plans, Tier 2 includes providers in the RMHP statewide network and the First Health National Network. For Cigna health plans, Tier 2 includes providers across Colorado and nationwide who are in the Cigna national network.

When you need to see a specialist, your primary care provider will help you find one and will work with that specialist to coordinate your care. Most Mesa County specialists are part of the Tier 1 network. You may also see Tier 3 providers who are considered “out-of-network” and who are generally associated with the highest costs.

Please remember that all emergency room care is covered at the Tier 1 benefit level without exception.  And most urgent care is also covered at the Tier 1 benefit level (please call the number on your member ID card to confirm).

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