Your health care is now multiple-choice, and open book.


Prevention really is the best medicine.

People in good health rarely have the need to see a doctor. So, it’s natural that you might not have given much thought to selecting a primary care provider (PCP). A primary care provider is essential in helping you stay healthy, prevent disease by identifying risk factors, and managing chronic care for a better quality of life.

Everyone needs a primary care provider.

If you are looking for a primary care provider that puts you at the center of your care, Monument Health is ready to help. We spend time to get to know you, understand your needs, and recommend a provider that fits you and your family’s unique requirements. But we don’t stop there, we arrange a personal introduction to the practice and can even make the appointment for you.


160 Primary Care Providers

15 Locations

$0 Primary Care CO-PAY

$0 Presription CO-PAY

$25 Urgent Care CO-PAY


Monument Health is proud to partner with the area’s largest group of primary care providers.

Our providers have made a commitment to, and earned national recognition for, providing the highest level of care through an integrated, patient-centered approach:


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Family Physicians of Western Colorado, A Division of Primary Care Partners
  • Amy Mohler
  • Andrew Mohler
  • Britta Czapla
  • Christine Welsh
  • Christopher Weaver
  • Courtney Simmons
  • Dena Banta Corona
  • Elizabeth Crawford
  • James Quackenbush
  • Jenna Berguin
  • Jennifer Roller
  • John Flanagan
  • Joshua Campbell – Best of the West 2019
  • Kassandra Verhusen
  • Lora Page
  • Lynn Price
  • Michael Pramenko
  • Michelle Mcdermott
  • Monique Morisseau
  • Nancy Bauer
  • Paul Sturges
  • Peggy Wrich
  • Stephanie Shrago
  • Susan Sayers
Red Canyon Family Medicine, A Division of Primary Care Partners
  • Amy Bratteli – Best of the West 2019
  • Jessica Harrington
  • John Bratteli
  • Nicole Wilke
  • Rebecca Levin
Tabeguache Family and Sports Medicine, A Division of Primary Care Partners
  • Ashly Blincow
  • Daniel Sullivan
  • Fletcher Colwell
  • Karen Frye
  • Sherry Woods
Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, A Division of Primary Care Partners
  • Annette Rosling
  • Barbara Zind
  • Cassana Littler
  • Celia Weaver
  • Chelsey Bovenschen
  • Claudia Jantzer
  • Cormac Sookram
  • David Pacini
  • Heather Scott
  • Katherine Price
  • Kathleen Joy
  • Lauren Carei
  • Mary Deyoung
  • Mary Willy
  • Megan Stinar
  • Michael Whistler
  • Patrice Whistler
  • Paula Lopez
  • Rebecca Liggett
  • Shannon Murphy
  • Sherry Nakano
  • Vickie Foy
Western Colorado Physicians Group, A Division of Primary Care Partners
  • Anne Siler
  • Craig Hughes
  • Eric Frevert
  • Glenn Madrid
  • Jamie Kopfman
  • Joshua Hulst
  • Kristi Haan
  • Lisa Roberts
  • Marshall Steel
  • Matthew Mcgraw
  • Patrick Page
  • Tephi Mannlein
St. Mary's Family Medicine Center
  • Allison Marsh
  • Amy Davis
  • Anna Jones
  • Bruce Sharp
  • Daniel Belatti
  • Danielle Trujillo
  • Danyelle Fenner
  • David Stuart
  • Elizabeth Wright
  • Emily Reinig
  • Jeff Cochran
  • Joe Kanopsic
  • John Draminski
  • John Nozykowski
  • Justin Mccarthy
  • Karlynn Sievers
  • Keith Dickerson
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Kishan Patel
  • Kristy Puls
  • Lisa Ayala
  • Lisa Matelich
  • Lyrad Riley
  • Mackenzie Hartman
  • Megan Lykke
  • Michael Olson
  • Paul Simmons
  • Rebecca Fulmer
  • Rebecca Rueppel
  • Ryan Gillum
  • Ryan Jackman
  • Ryan Sullivan
  • Sabrina Mitchell
  • Shannon Keel
  • Sherman Straw
  • Tiffany Chaloux
  • Wade Laudenschlager
  • Zebulon Friedly
New! SCL Health Primary Care Patterson
  • Elizabeth Buisker
  • Roseanna Jennings
  • Others coming soon!
Western Valley Family Practice
  • Amber Conners
  • Amy Archer
  • Caroline Toennis
  • Cathie Hren
  • Chris Taggart
  • Desiree Gholson
  • Donna Cronk
  • John Draminski
  • Korrey Klein
  • Kurtis Holmes
  • Lynda Steinbach
  • Mackenzie Hartman
  • Mynette Foley
  • Ona Ridgway
  • Sandra Christenson
  • Terry Villarreal-Golba
  • Thomas Motz
  • Vanessa Mcclellan
Dr. Lu Family Medicine
  • Honglan Lu
  • Aurelio Etcheverry
  • Betsy Robbins
  • Miranda Edwards
Foresight Family Practice
  • Dale Utt
  • Glenda Cain
  • Gregory Reicks
  • Heather Farmer
  • Jessica Gardner
Delta Family Medicine
  • Amber Angles
  • Birgitt Schmalz
  • Caleb Stepan
  • Emily Howard
  • Jesus Ochoa
  • Jonathan Richman
  • Sean Rea
Surface Creek Medical Center (Delta)
  • Debra Hillyer
  • Eric Peper
  • Julie Fournier
  • Kevin Pulsipher
  • Shawn Palmer
  • Timothy Meilner
West Elk Clinic (Delta)
  • Candi Lobenstein
  • Christi Anderson
  • Marie Matthews
  • Matthew Lebsack
  • Odell Nicole
  • Ryan Marlin
  • Timothy Hawbaker
Internal Medicine Associates (Delta)
  • Dory Funk
  • Hugh Comer
  • Jarred Freese
  • Jeffrey Berkosky
  • Mark Huun
  • Michelle Reed

Primary Care Partners: 2019 Best of the West Family Doctors’ Office

All practices are NCQA Certified Patient Centered Medical Homes



From routine check-ups, to specialized care, we’re the team that keeps you going. As a member, you have access to over 250 specialists and all the facilities associated with St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, the area’s only full-service, A-rated hospital.


If you live or work in the west end of the Valley, the doctors at Colorado Canyons Hospital and Family Health West practices are now available to you.

For those that commute from Delta, we have you covered with 4 primary care practices, multiple specialists and the Delta County Memorial Hospital at the table.


Nutrition Coaching

Work/Family Balance

Stress Management

Addiction & Substance Use Support

Smoking & Tobacco Cessation

Integrated Asthma Management

Diabetes Management Programs

Cooking Classes

Obesity Prevention & Management

Customize your own group with District 51 employees, and meet where and when it is most convenient for you.


There are a lot of things in life worth waiting for, seeing a doctor isn’t one of them.
At Monument Health we guarantee access to a primary care provider.

Many Monument Health practices offer additional on-site services like:

Behavioral Health Professionals

Health Coaches

Diabetic Educators


Having these resources in your doctor’s office means you accomplish more in a single visit, saving you a trip across town or a future follow-up appointment.

In the event you need to see a specialist, Monument Health can help you find the right one and help get you in quickly and easily. 

And because our providers work as a team you are less likely to experience repeated or duplicated tests and procedures saving you time, frustration, and money.


Monument Health is a change worth your while. We take a different approach to health care, one that is truly integrated and puts our members at the center.

We bring together doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies at one table. We look at care models, and negotiate with all parties, removing layers of redundancy and cutting the red tape. 

We drive patient cost down while at the same time increasing the level and quality of care you receive. Experience the coordinated care trusted by nearly 15,000 community members.



Being focused on your wellbeing is the key to a long and healthy life, but sometimes, between soccer practice, work, and taking out the trash, our personal health can get neglected. It’s not intentional, it just happens. Don’t worry, Monument Health is with you, taking a proactive approach to you and your family’s wellness. Not only will we remind you of a needed appointment, but we have time slots reserved just for you at many of our practices. We know you don’t have months to wait.

“My husband and I just made the switch over to Monument Health. It was simple, we like our family doctor, and we can already see the added value in their personal approach.”

-Laura Ludlam, Appleton Elementary Kindergarten teacher



I have already contributed to my 2020 deductible. If I change to the Monument Health plan, will that money transfer?

While D51 is offering a special mid-year open enrollment to offer its employees more choice and better access to the area’s highest quality providers, this will not affect anything you have already spent in 2020. Any amount that you have already spent and contributed toward your 2020 deductible or out of pocket maximum will carry over into your newly selected Monument Health plan.

Why is Monument Health changing the way things are done?

Things in health care are ever-changing, access to care is diminishing and costs are on the rise. Monument Health believes a different approach to health care is necessary– specifically a truly integrated approach–which offers better care and lower costs, and healthier communities. We are committed to this approach now and well into the future.

What does having Monument Health mean for me?

When you select the Monument Health insurance option during your open enrollment period from March 9th through March 27th, there are many things that will benefit you: (1) guaranteed access to the area’s top primary care providers (many of whom have on-site services that save you time and money); (2) swifter, faster access to specialists; (3) personalized follow up after you or your family have a trip to the ER or the hospital; (4) access to health and wellness programs that can be customized for you or your group’s convenience; and (5) cost containment because you have someone on your side, working for you.

What are Monument Health Providers doing differently to improve my care?

Monument Health providers are doing three things differently to improve your care and lower costs.

First, these practices and hospitals have demonstrated, by meeting national standards, the commitment and ability to put patients at the center of care and to deliver care more efficiently and more smartly.

Additionally, these practices and hospitals confidentially share data and follow very specific guidelines to work as a team.

And last, physicians in our Tier 1 practices and other providers are paid on how well they take care of you, not how many patients they see each day.

Why do I need primary care provider?

Everyone needs a primary care provider–a physician (MD or DO), a nurse-practitioner (NP) or a physician assistant (PA). Having a designated primary care provider– who you know and trust and who knows you– ensures you have a “medical home.” In a medical home, you are at the center of care. Your care is comprehensive, not just about sick care or urgent care and not just about your physical health but, instead, inclusive of mental health and other important aspects of the whole you.