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We believe employers that participate in the Monument Health network have a role to play as partners in employee health. You can create a culture of health that supports employee engagement in health management and health improvement through positive, healthy choices and activities.

We are working with engaged public partners and others to develop resources for members of the Monument Health network plans to be better engaged, better consumers, and better managers of their own health.

Monument Health also works with you to keep healthy employees in good health. We use an upstream approach to identify health risks early to reduce risks, and to support those with chronic health needs to keep them well controlled through awareness, education, plus preventive and proactive care. Our clinically integrated network supports this whole-person approach to care. Feel free to share this two-minute explainer video with your employees during benefits enrollment so they can better understand how a clinically integrated network supports their good health.

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More Engagement Resources

The resources below can help you to support healthy decisions and lifestyles across your employee population. We also welcome the opportunity to talk to you directly about steps you can take to support a workplace culture of health. Call us at (970) 683-5630 to learn more.

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