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Once your employees are enrolled in a Monument Health network plan, they select a Tier 1 primary care provider. They can see specialists and other network providers as needed. And they pay less in copays and out-of-pocket costs when they use providers in the Monument Health network.

Even more important than cost is the consistent, trusted relationship they establish with a primary care provider—their “medical home.” Acting as team captain, the primary care provider guides labs, tests and the care provided by specialists and other providers. They proactively communicate with the patient and others on the care team, sharing records and coordinating the whole patient care process.

When your employee is a member of a Monument Health network plan, they have comprehensive coverage with access to high-quality care from the Monument Health network. Tier 1 providers include

  • 120+ primary care providers from five local practices
  • St. Mary’s Hospital and its affiliated providers and physicians
  • West Springs Hospital, Mind Springs Health’s behavioral health facility
  • Most Mesa County specialists
  • And more providers as they meet our network criteria

Because we believe the performance and payment factors that differentiate Tier 1 providers are important, employee co-payments and other out-of-pocket expenses are lower when members use a Tier 1 provider.

Your employees may also see Tier 2 providers in Mesa County, throughout Colorado and even nationwide.  For RMHP and CNIC health plans, Tier 2 includes providers in the RMHP statewide network and the First Health National Network. For Cigna health plans, Tier 2 includes providers across Colorado and nationwide who are in the Cigna national network.

They may also see Tier 3 providers who are considered “out-of-network” and who are generally associated with the highest costs.  And all emergency room care is covered at the Tier 1 benefit level without exception.  And most urgent care is also covered at the Tier 1 benefit level (please call the number on your member ID card to confirm).

We help your employees maintain health and productivity with no-cost preventative care and well-child exams, including immunizations, physicals and preventative care.

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