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Local health care organizations partner to improve care, cost, and quality for patients

GRAND JUNCTION, COLO., JUNE 2015 — Three of Mesa County’s most respected names in health care have joined to form the region’s first Clinically Integrated Network with a hospital. The new network, named Monument Health, represents a fundamental change in health care thinking by favoring even greater value, health outcomes, and clinical efficiency over the traditional model based on patient volume and use.

The goals of Monument Health are based on the nationally recognized “Triple Aim” outcomes to improve the overall health of the community by reducing the cost of medical care, improving health outcomes for patients, and enhancing the overall patient experience. The network will achieve these goals by significantly aligning care and delivery systems (clinical integration) between the network partners. Monument Health is a performance based organization, assessed on measureable results.

Monument Health is a collaboration of three entities, which now represents the largest and most comprehensive health care group, which includes a hospital, in the region. Primary Care Partners delivers the largest independent primary care physicians group in Mesa County. St. Mary’s Medical Center provides the highest quality and broadest range of medical services available in the region. Rocky Mountain Health Plans will offer health insurance products for individuals, families, employer groups, and self-insured groups that give access to the new network of care providers. The new plans will be available directly from Rocky Mountain Health Plans and from the Colorado health insurance exchange, Connect for Health Colorado.

Monument Health is formally established under a legal structure created in 1996 by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. The two regulatory agencies legally define a Clinically Integrated Network as a program to evaluate and modify practice patterns to lower costs and raise quality through interdependence and cooperation. While the structure allows the partners to materially collaborate, they also remain independent.

Nationally, Clinically Integrated Networks have begun to advance as a structure able to meet the growing cost, performance, and quality demands of the Affordable Care Act, while allowing network partners to remain independent.

The formation of Monument Health comes nearly a year after Primary Care Partners and St. Mary’s Medical Center began discussing ways to address the growing burden individuals, families, and employers face in getting local access to quality care at affordable costs. Rocky Mountain Health Plans was approached soon after as the means to provide the needed health insurance coverage. In order to ensure network goals are met, the group turned to Quality Health Network, a local not-for-profit organization, to provide performance reporting.

Patient benefits include:

  • A shared vision of quality, affordability, and patient satisfaction for all people in the region.
  • The highest quality of care between Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Local access to the largest, most comprehensive network of care providers, which includes a hospital, in the region.
  • Lower health care costs through focused alignment of patient services.
  • Higher satisfaction and quality through shared information and streamlined operations.
  • Performance-based outcomes assessed on measurable results.
  • A variety of competitively priced health insurance plans available to Mesa County individuals, families, employers, and self-insured groups.

Monument Health follows a long and successful tradition in Mesa County of collaborative health care initiatives formed on the vision of improving the overall health of the people in our region. Mesa County providers that share the vision of improved health, lower costs, and local access to quality care, as well as agree to meet network goals and performance standards, will be welcome to join Monument Health.

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