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Monument Health issue briefs speak to national issues and their local impact. We feature local viewpoints, and often ask national thought leaders to share their ideas, too.

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Workplace health and well-being issue brief

January 2017 | Issue Brief

Put away the cookie cutters—not just the cookies: Workplace health and well-being won’t fit in a box

HEALTH IS BIGGER THAN YOU THINK. In the fee-for-service world, sickness and symptoms became the center of attention rather than support for optimal health and well-being—even in primary care.


November 2016 | Issue Brief

Health Is Health: An integrated approach to whole-person health

CONSENSUS ON THE INTERCONNECTED NATURE OF HEALTH IN MIND AND BODY was formalized in the World Health Organization’s constitution 70 years ago: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

CIN issue brief

August 2016 | Issue Brief

Clinical integration provides a catalyst for better care and a healthier Mesa County

“IN AMERICA WE DO A GREAT JOB of sick care. We do a poor job of keeping people healthy and giving them tools to manage their health.” With that, Michael J. Pramenko, MD, chairman of the board of Monument Health and the executive director of Primary Care Partners, captures the essence of our broken health care system.