Western Coloradans value access to highquality, affordable healthcare, which is why I am excited about the recent news announcing the intent to merge two great health systems— Salt Lake City, Utahbased Intermountain Healthcare and Broomfield, Coloradobased SCL Health.

The merger is great news for our community and SCL Health St. Mary’s Medical Center because Intermountain Healthcare has a long and established reputation for driving down the cost of healthcare while at the same time delivering accessible, highquality care. SCL Health St. Mary’s will merge our best practices, which are also focused on access and affordability, with Intermountain as we continue to put the patient first.

I know that change can lead to uncertainty and sometimes even fear about what might unfold. I am committed to answering as many questions as possible about the merger, and I will be able to offer more details as the joining of the two companies takes place in the second quarter of this year.

What I do know today, I am happy to share with you. Our combined health systems will provide highquality, affordable healthcare across Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, and Kansas. The integrated system will employ over 58,000 caregivers and operate 33 hospitals. SCL Health St. Mary’s and all SCL Health facilities will rebrand from SCL to Intermountain. While the organization will be named Intermountain Healthcare, SCL Health’s Catholic hospitals will retain their distinctive Catholic names and continue to operate according to existing practices. The bottom line, The St. Mary’s name is not going away.

As many of you already know, I came to the SCL Health System from Intermountain Healthcare. During my time with the Intermountain system, I witnessed firsthand their commitment to valuebased, accessible healthcare. The technology, innovations, and care delivery methods are testament to their aim to “be a model health system by providing extraordinary care and superior service at an affordable cost.”

During my time with St. Mary’s, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting Monument Health, a clinically integrated network focused on regionwide prevention, cost containment, and quality care with providers and other hospitals across Western Colorado. I have had the privilege of implementing special programs such as Clinical Care Redesign, which incentivizes fewer duplications, rewards efficiencies, encourages physicians to remove unnecessary waste, and implements innovative processes in their respective departments. When the program is implemented, the end goal results in improved joy in work for our providers and significant reductions in the cost of care for our patients. I’ve been able to do all this because of the unwavering commitment from SCL Health to achieve affordability.

Because I’ve worked for both systems, I feel qualified to tell you: the values of Intermountain Health Care and SCL Health align. Both are committed to access, high quality, and affordable health care to help people live the healthiest lives possible.

Again, as more information is available to be made public, I am committed to sharing it with you. Rest assured that both hospital systems have a unified mission of delivering a better model of care, which means you will continue to receive high-quality, affordable healthcare in Western Colorado without disruption.

Bryan Johnson
SCL Health St. Mary’s Medical Center