The board of directors, Monument Health’s team of wellness warriors, and the vast network of providers, specialists and hospitals that make up the Monument Health network are committed to this organization and your health.

Like you, we have begun noticing the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler as autumn begins to make an appearance. The changing seasons serve as a good reminder for the well-known quote we’ve often heard and used—“There is nothing permanent except for change.”  As Monument Health enters a new season with the departure of its CEO, Stephanie Motter, that sentiment seems more poignant than ever.

We are thrilled for Stephanie’s next steps and grateful she has left the organization in a strong position.  This will afford us, as the board of directors, time to execute a thoughtful recruiting plan with the full confidence that Monument Health will continue to meet its mission—a mission that strives to grow and provide comprehensive, value-based care health care, drive competitive pricing, and improve health outcomes for Coloradans. 

The board of directors, Monument Health’s team of “Wellness Warriors,” and the vast network of providers, specialists and hospitals that make up the Monument Health network are committed to this organization and your health.

Because we are committed to your health, Monument Health recently launched a campaign called Your Health is Essential to encourage Coloradans who have delayed medical care and health needs because of COVID-19 to talk to their doctor again and reprioritize their health care needs.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have taken precautions to stay safe and healthy. Most have embraced wearing face masks and maintaining a safe social distance. However, medical distancing has become a concerning trend as many people are still cancelling, missing, or short-changing their healthcare.

According to a recent survey, three in four Americans have reported a disruption in healthcare use meaning appointments have been delayed or canceled altogether, and people are not getting the care they need, when they need it (GoodRx, 6/17/20). Another poll conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation found that almost half of Americans have skipped or postponed medical care because of COVID-19, and 11 percent of those respondents say their condition has worsened because their care was deferred (KHN Poll).

The same trend holds true in Western Colorado. Looking at data from many employers who partner with Monument Health and offer our whole health product, there is evidence that almost 40% of kids are overdue for a pediatric wellness visit since COVID set in, and nearly 35% of women are overdue for breast cancer screening. 

Delayed care can result in patient harm. When preventive visits, behavioral health appointments, and well child check-ups fall to the wayside, chronic conditions can go undetected, mental health concerns are left unaddressed, and scheduled vaccinations are often deferred.

Vaccinations are an essential part of routine care for school-age children. As we think about our children who have returned to school in August, Monument Health and our key partner Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, a division of Primary Care Partners, are actively engaging parents to schedule well child check-ups including school immunizations as an essential part of their back-to-school preparation. 

Additionally, flu season is on the horizon, and influenza vaccinations should be at the top of the priority list in terms of routine care that should not be put off.

Our provider partners have taken every precaution to ensure their offices and waiting rooms are safe so that our members— and their patients— can safely receive the health care they need, when they need it. Through the implementation of enhanced cleaning and safety protocols such as appointment pre-screenings, mask requirements—which are available and provided to patients, socially distanced waiting rooms, and staggered appointments between visits. Telemedicine has also been an effective tool for people who are at-risk, are elderly or who simply desire an alternative to in-person care.

We want to encourage you to carry this important message to your organizations, your employees, and your families: Do not delay your health care needs any longer. Get the care you need, when you need it, because Your Health is Essential.

With continued commitment to your health,

The Board of Directors

If you do not have a primary care provider, Monument Health guarantees access to one for its members. Monument Health’s wellness warriors take the time to get to know each member and connect them with a provider who meets their unique needs and preferences. Call 970.683.5630 to get connected.