Throughout the pandemic the local chapter of Roice-Hurst in Grand Junction has been a positive force for pets and pet owners.  Between May and June, they donated 2,328 pounds of pet food to owners in need; provided 64 nights of short-term boarding for pets whose owners were in crisis; hosted 3 virtual adoption events; vaccinated 89 owned pets; established 97 emergency foster care homes; and helped place 200 pets in forever homes.

Compassion is one of the most important values guiding their work day-in and day-out because animals are a point of entry into people’s worlds. In other words, the local chapter of Roice Hurst knows that in order to serve animals you have to serve people and without compassion, it’s hard to be successful. That’s why their motto has become “default empathy.”

This is one of the reasons why the local chapter has also hired a social worker to come alongside their animal behavioral counselor. While the animal behavioral counselor works with the pet owner to help curb animal behaviors and teach helpful tricks to fix any problems the owner may be unable to navigate, Roice-Hurst’s social worker works directly with them in an effort to connect them with human resources such as stable housing or behavioral health services. This work ultimately keeps the owner connected with their pets honoring the human/animal bond and more often than not, results in healthy people and happy pets.  

To donate or learn more about the local chapter of Roice-Hurst Humane Society, visit their webpage at If you are looking to foster or adopt a pet, Roice-Hurst is offering COVID friendly alternatives to in-person visits through virtual adoption events hosted on their Facebook page.