Dr. Brent Prosser, M.D.
Grand Junction Gastroenterology

Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Dr. Brent Prosser has been practicing gastroenterology for over 14 years.

People often ask him: Why gastroenterology? The truth is, Dr. Prosser has truly found his calling. He is passionate about figuring out what is ailing his patients and how to fix their intestinal problems. He explored many different specialties during and after medical school including orthopedic surgery, anesthesiology, and cardiology, but ultimately, kept coming back to his interest in gastrointestinal physiology and pathology.

Dr. Prosser is passionate about helping people feel better and when his job is done successfully, that’s exactly what he does. Whether it is chronic GI monitoring, endoscopy or colonoscopy screenings or his regular hospital rotation every five weeks, Dr. Prosser wants to make sure that whatever problems his patients have, they are fully taken care of and leave his care healthier than when they came to him.

His passion for his work is evident as he explains his discipline: “Most people assume that we are stomach and intestinal docs. What most don’t know is the GI tract includes the esophagus, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. When we do our job, we study all those parts—called the GI tract—and how they function together to problem-solve and diagnose the right solution for each individual patient’s unique needs,” Dr. Prosser explains.

He enjoys the challenge of figuring out these problems and the variety of services that he is able to offer between his private practice and hospital rotations. From preventing colon cancer, long-term treatment for patients managing ongoing issues, and the variety of cases that he treats at the hospital, Dr. Prosser appreciates and excels in every aspect of his practice.

From the time he was a young boy, Dr. Prosser knew he wanted to pursue medicine. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in biology from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and attending CU Medical School, Dr. Prosser finished his 3-year Internal Medicine Residency in Charlotte, North Carolina and additional 3-year Gastroenterology Fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  

As he began looking for a job after completing his fellowship, he told us: “After six years on the East Coast, my wife and I were ready to come back to the west.” He interviewed with practices in Denver, Colorado Springs—where is wife is from—and back in his home state of Wyoming, but found the perfect fit with Grand Junction Gastroenterology, dubbed “GJ Gastro” in conversation.

Dr. Prosser is part-owner of the independent practice, a title he shares with 4 other board-certified gastroenterologists. Because they are owner-physicians, they have a vested interest ensuring their twenty plus employees are taken care of and their patients are treated with expert care. As an independent practice, they are able to work at both area hospitals and remain accessible to all types of patients.

When Dr. Prosser is not working in his private practice or doing hospital rounds, he enjoys hiking and exploring the state and national parks around Colorado. Most weekends, you’ll find him rooting for his two boys, who play tennis and soccer. Occasionally, he’s able to travel with his family and take a much-need break from the stress and intensity of his work. Hands-down, his favorite vacation (and only repeat) destination is Italy. Travel enables Dr. Prosser time to unwind and connect with his family – and to share his love of adventure and exploration of all the fantastic places around the world with his boys.

Dr. Brent Prosser is a Board-Certified Gastroenterologist and part-owner of Grand Junction Gastroenterology, an independent, medical practice serving Western Coloradans.