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For Providers

Our approach restores the joy of being a health care professional.

We are a clinically integrated network—which is a team of independent providers who work with patients and with each other to deliver better care at a lower total cost.

We are physician-led. Physicians develop clinical guidelines that will most improve quality and best create efficiencies. We place the bar high and work to ensure all our providers are accountable to meet exceptional quality and performance  targets.

We believe our approach to population health – along with your contributions delivers the following:

Better access to care

  • Patients receive enhanced access to care that aims for whole-person health.

Better health

  • Mesa County—the whole community—benefits from a healthy, productive population.

Better outcomes & lower costs

Patients and employers experience cost savings in the long term, because the health of the covered population improves.

Greater provider satisfaction

Payment is based on quality, not quantity, which liberates providers to invest the time each patient needs.

Interested in joining the Monument Health network? Call us at (970) 683-5630. Read more to learn how it works and what it takes to join.

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