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Our Tier 1 Hospitals, Urgent Care and Primary Care Practices at a Glance

Monument Health plans—including those offered by Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) or offered in partnership with UMR or CIGNA—offer the Tier 1 network. We believe you will experience the most coordinated care and the most affordable costs when you see our Tier 1 providers.

You may also see Tier 2 providers in Mesa County, throughout Colorado, and even nationwide. Please direct any questions to the appropriate customer support team by calling the number on your member ID card or inquiring the Monument Health team.

Please remember that emergency room care is always covered at the Tier 1 benefit level, regardless of which hospital or which city. And most urgent care is also covered at the Tier 1 benefit level (but please call the number on your member ID card to confirm).

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Please look at your member ID card to see whether your Monument Health plan is offered through Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP), UMR or CIGNA.


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