About Monument Health

At Monument Health, we take a different approach to health care. One that is truly integrated and puts our members at the center.

We bring together doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and employer groups at one table. We look at care models, and negotiate with all parties, removing layers of redundancy and cutting the red tape.

This means care is more coordinated, health outcomes are often better, and costs can be contained. 

An Idea Was Born

St. Mary’s Medical Center, Primary Care Partners, and Rocky Mountain Health Plans came together to change how health care is delivered on the Western Slope.

Mission Becomes Action

Monument Health, a clinically integrated network, is formed.  Multiple providers throughout Western Colorado join the high-performing network, coordinating as a team and being accountable for accessible and more affordable care.

Our Approach

We bring together independent providers to create a high-performing, integrated network offering efficient, high-quality care. Monument Health providers are held accountable for health outcomes and are rewarded based on the value of the care they give.

The Monument Health team works directly with providers to ensure our members receive guaranteed access to primary care, quicker access to specialists close to home, and personalized follow up after emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Through proactive outreach the Monument Health team works to ensure preventive health needs are on track and customize a variety of health and wellness programs.

A high-performing network led by healthcare professionals


Hyper-personalized, local care management

Less duplication of tests and procedures

Performance-based payment incentives 






Our Vision & Values

Better, more coordinated care, healthier communities, and cost containment.





Growth & Learning

Clinician-led network moves the needle on health care delivery

Colorado Medical Society connected with Monument Health to create a featured article on the innovations in Colorado Medicine Magazine.

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Monument Health Gives Back

Monument Health Gives Back

Kids Aid: The Backpack Program Kids Aid through The Backpack Program delivers 2,000 bags of food weekly to school-aged children during the course of the school year. During the height of the pandemic, they created an emergency program and partnered with teachers and...

Monument Health Gives Back

Monument Health Gives Back

Back to School Supplies: Gift Card Giveaway School supplies are expensive! Monument Health will be giving away 2 gift cards in July valued at $100 each to help families cover the cost of back to school supplies. Whether we are at-home schooling or back to school,...

Monument Health Gives Back

Monument Health Gives Back

Grocery Gift Card Giveaway  We don’t have to tell you, COVID-19 has had broad sweeping financial and economic impacts for most of us. The team at Monument Health wanted to help. Over the course of 6 weeks in April and the beginning of May, we were able to giveaway...