Michael J. Pramenko, MD

Board Chair, Monument Health; Executive Director, Primary Care Partners

Michael Pramenko is a 1995 graduate of Dartmouth Medical School. He currently works as a Family Physician and Executive Director for Primary Care Partners in Grand Junction, Colorado. In addition, Michael and his wife Karen are raising 3 children ages thirteen, twelve and nine.

His current practice includes patients of all ages and included obstetrics for the first ten years of his practice until late 2007.

Over the past ten years, in an effort to educate the public, he continues to write columns for Grand Junction newspapers on topics related to health reform.

In 2007, because of his ongoing efforts on health policy issues, he was named Family Physician of the Year for Colorado by the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians.

As an outspoken proponent of Grand Junction’s unique health care system, he has appeared on PBS’s Newshour, NPR’s Science Friday, and was interviewed by Tom Brokaw for NBC News.

Dr. Pramenko served as President of the Colorado Medical Society in 2011 and continues to be active in organized medicine at the local and state level.

In June 2012, he assumed the role of Executive Director of Primary Care Partners – the largest Primary Care Practice in Western Colorado.

And, as of 2015, he is Chairman of the Board for Monument Health – a clinically integrated network formed via a partnership between Primary Care Partners, St. Mary’s Hospital, and Rocky Mountain Health Plans.