Dear community and network partners, 

July and August were busy months for the team at Monument Health. As we head into September, we are reaping many of the exciting results from our hard work, most notably, Monument Health was recently awarded the single-source insurance contract for Mesa County Valley School District 51. 

We are so proud to offer an insurance option that puts more hard-earned dollars back into the pockets of our teachers and helps our district balance their budget.  

The School Board of Education and the HR and Benefits Department at District 51 did an outstanding job throughout this process. They spent countless hours working with an independent actuary, asking thoughtful questions, and dissecting the numbers again-and-again to fully understand every scenario and every outcome with the intent of putting the school district in the best financial position possible while reducing premiums.

We are humbled and honored to say our plan met their goals with flying colors. In fact, families will be able to save as much as $3,500 dollars annually on health insurance; the district is going to be able to replenish its depleted reserves in the first year with Monument Health; and these savings will ensure their ability to balance their budget by the end of 2023 and realize financial stability after years of increased premiums and high healthcare costs. 

Our mission has always been focused on prevention to contain healthcare costs, drive quality, and help people live their healthy best.  By creating a network where physicians, insurance companies, and hospitals are aligned to save their patients money while achieving positive health outcomes, we are able meet our mission.

But as you know, the D51 contract award isn’t an overnight success story. For those of you that work with us on the daily, you understand this work has been years in the making, just as the lower premiums we were able to offer on the individual exchange for the past two years were years in the making. This award comes from a commitment to prevention and efficiencies, cost containment and high quality, and ultimately, better health outcomes.  

We are so extremely proud to celebrate this tangible result from our mission-driven work with you today. Thanks for your continued partnership.

Yours in service, 

Ashley Thurow 

Executive Director