During the height of COVID-19, many companies felt the heavy burden of implementing the necessary and required changes to help keep their companies relevant while the country moved from in-person work environments to conducting business at home seemingly overnight.

For many of those companies, human resource directors and employees were tasked with implementing much of the required change in terms of personnel management, Paid Time Off (PTO), sick leave readjusted due to COVID. Additionally, many had to figure out how to handle the logistics of a 50 percent reduced in-person workforce or work from home during the shut-down and subsequent quarantines.

Human resources professionals have been instrumental to many organizations’ success during this time. And yet, they are the often-unrecognized change-agents making sure personnel laws are adhered to, changes move forward like clockwork, benefits are understood and implemented all while managing morale and employee relationships.

For that reason, Western Colorado Human Resources Association (WCHRA) exists. WCHRA is a non-profit based in Grand Junction serving its members with education, training, and support related to human resources. WCHRA’s mission is to bring the business community together to advance the HR profession.

Recently, they hosted their annual conference, which Monument Health’s very own SHRM certified, wellness warrior Lindsay Powers organized and executed. The conference— hosted simultaneously on zoom and in-person to abide by social distancing guidance— was named “Rising from the Ashes of 2020” and focused on understanding the dimensions of change and leading with vision. The day kicked-off with policy and legislative updates, and further equipped its members with the tools they need to go back to their companies and lead with excellence through inspiring guest speakers and panelists.

To learn more about WCHRA, visit their website here.