Dr. Michael Pramenko, MD, Chief Medical Officer

One of Western Colorado’s top doctors, Dr. Michael Pramenko, has joined Monument Health as the Chief Medical Officer. While remaining in his current role at Primary Care Partners, Dr. Pramenko will use his expertise to provide physician leadership, medical management, and clinical improvement support.

Monument Health’s Chief Medical Officer aims to promote the provision of quality and cost-efficient care for individuals enrolled in Monument Health plans and will support and advise the Monument Health team. “If you know me, you understand this role aligns perfectly with my passion to reduce waste and ultimately, provide better, more integrated healthcare within our community,” states Pramenko.

“When clinical changes are required or need to be maintained, it’s imperative to have a clinician involved—one who understands current medical practices as they are, can speak and relate to practitioners, and knows how to effectively break the cycle of waste,” explains Dr. Pramenko about the importance of this newly created role.

Dr. Pramenko is a welcome addition to the team & has wasted no time jumping into his new role. As the organization has grown, the need for a dedicated clinician solely focused on these efforts is now required. By working with clinicians and administrators within the Monument Health network, Dr. Pramenko aims to drive outcomes and improve quality and efficiency of the care being provided.