Congratulations to Family Health West, one of our important network hospitals located in Fruita, Colorado. If you haven’t already heard, they recently rebranded unifying their hospital and all of their supporting clinics and programs under one name—Family Health West (FHW).

Family Health West has a deep-rooted history of providing quality medical care close to home for patients. It was originally founded and built by Fruita residents and has grown to serve patients from eastern Utah and across western Colorado.

“Those patients are coming to us for specialized care to improve their quality of life through clinics like our unique Post-COVID Recovery, arthritis, neurology, pain management, extensive inpatient and outpatient therapy programs, and much more,” CEO and President Korrey Klein, MD proudly shared.

Family Health West boasts of a Level IV hospital, previously named Colorado Canyons Hospital and Medical Center, and more than 30 clinics, most of which had individualized names that did not tie directly back to the Family Health West name fostering confusion for patients seeking care. After concluding extensive research and listening to consistent feedback from the community, Family Health West knew a rebrand was a necessary next step to unify each practice and its reputable hospital under one, all-inclusive identity.

Today, the hospital will be known as the Family Health West Hospital. Each clinic will be referred to as Family Health West Family Medicine, Family Health West Pediatric Rehab, Family Health West General Surgery, and so on.

The new, consistent name identity is ushered in with a new logo mark—a rose. The image of the rose is inspired from Fruita founder and poet William Pabor, who visualized rose embowered cottages for the future of Fruita symbolizing the delicate care and creation of healing.

“A brand that’s representative of who we are and pays tribute to our past, present, and future is exciting,” stated Dr. Klein. “It’s more than a logo or name change, this is a shift to embracing our story and foundation while also imagining and chasing our future.”

The center of the rose is symbolic of a star, representing the staff who are at the heart of everything, past, present, and the future of the organization.

“The heart of Family Health West has always been the employees who are dedicated to their patients and the community,” Errol Snider, Patient Satisfaction Director and FHW historian said. “Leadership over the years has found ways to migrate and bend with the needs of our community from building a hospital to providing memory care and assisted living, and now with our many specialized clinics. Family Health West will remain relevant and community-focused because it’s in our bones. It’s who we are.”

In addition to the new logo, new colors represent deep roots in the community, passion about the work Family Health West does—healing people, prosperity in the lives they transform, resilience in character, and imagination as they embrace all the future has to offer.

Congratulations to Family Health West! To learn more about the story behind their rebrand visit