What’s a Pop Health Coordinator, you ask? 

Heather Stevens explains it like this: “We’re your local resource who can talk to you and your insurance right away, get answers for you, and make your healthcare journey less frustrating, less complicated and less stressful.”

Heather Stevens and Quincie Cowell-Armstrong are the reliable, extremely caring and hardworking duo who serve as Monument Health Pop Health Coordinators, short for population health. They joke that they’re practically the same person. “We got married on the same day, our rings were made from the same boutique jeweler out-of-state, and we often show up to work dressed the same,” shares Quincie through animated laughter.

When asked what they love most about their jobs, themes like “transforming experiences by actually listening” and “teaching” and “putting members’ needs first” surface immediately. It’s no wonder why they’re so good at serving Monument Health’s members—they love people and solving problems. 

As Pop Health Coordinators, their goal is to help support Monument Health’s members by acting as an advocate and putting their healthcare back in their members’ hands so as patients they are proactive and empowered. “Most of the time, members come to us at their wits end. They need an advocate to help them understand their insurance plan, their bill, a referral process, if a doc is a preferred provider and get them the answers they need, when they need them,” explains Heather. “We tell them, ‘You take care of you, we’ll take care of the rest.’” Quincie adds: “And right away, we hear an audible sigh of relief on the other end of the phone and ‘Why didn’t I know about you sooner?’” 

Heather and Quincie are the best kept secret for healthcare plans within Monument Health’s network. Their true aim is to be sure their members are living their healthiest lives. One way they do this is how they execute the Monument Health guarantee, which promises a primary care provider for all of their members. Quincie and Heather have encyclopedic knowledge of Monument Health’s in-network providers; they take time to get to know each member and connect them with a provider who will meet their unique needs in order to deliver hyper-personalized care. Quincie explains: “When a patient utilizes their insurance appropriately, has a relationship with a primary care doctor, gets preventive screenings, avoids the Emergency Room, and proactively works to quit smoking or combat diabetes, the cost of care across the whole healthcare system is reduced.” 

In order to help members successfully do all of that, they are greeted with Heather and Quincie, Population Health Coordinators who care, know western Colorado, love to solve problems and answer questions. 

Heather and Quincie’s message to readers—“Keep asking us your questions. We’re here to support you! And that goes for our benefits coordinators, care coordinators at providers’ offices, and employer partners too. We know you don’t have time. We’ll get you the answers you need.” 

Questions for Heather and Quincie should be directed to [email protected] or (970) 683-5630.