Back to School Supplies: Gift Card Giveaway

School supplies are expensive! Monument Health will be giving away 2 gift cards in July valued at $100 each to help families cover the cost of back to school supplies. Whether we are at-home schooling or back to school, sharp pencils with new erasers, lined paper, notepads and books are essential.

We will be announcing our giveaways on social media in July. Follow us, stay tuned, and good luck!

Maverick Relief Fund

Monument Health is proud to be a “Campaign Hero” for the relief fund helping students who may not have otherwise been able to return to school and continue their education. Here are a few real-life stories of students who have received assistance through the Maverick Relief Fund in the form of micro-grants: 

“My name is Christina. I am a freshman at CMU. My parents both lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and now they are struggling to provide for our family. Even though I earned the Academic Achievement scholarship, I still have a balance to pay off to remain in school.”

“My name is Tiana and I came to CMU from Hawaii. My mom raised me as a single parent. She worked two jobs to make monthly payments to cover my education. But this semester we are short because mom lost one of her jobs at an airline. Now she is trying to find a way to support me and my two siblings at home.”

Bike Tune-Up Giveaway: In Partnership with The Bike Shop

As Grand Valley Bike Month’s fun activities came to an end, Monument Health was able to partner with The Bike Shop and giveaway a bike tune-up valued at $95 to one of our lucky followers on social media.

Congratulations to Alana Witulski for winning our giveaway! Happy trails!