A Note from Monument Health’s Wellness Warriors

It’s open enrollment season for many employers and individuals right now!

As you know, open enrollment is the period when individuals get to select their health insurance plan off the Colorado health insurance exchange known as Connect for Health Colorado, or alternatively, employers select health plans on behalf of their employees. Because we truly believe the work we do makes a difference in the lives of community members, we wanted to share this note with you, our trusted partners, and friends, in hopes you will choose Monument Health again this year!

Although Monument Health is not the insurance (we don’t sell you the policy, set prices, or manage your claims), we do work directly with insurance companies, individuals, and providers to enhance your health care!  When you choose a Monument Health product through your insurance carrier, you’re making a choice for high-quality providers (doctors, specialists, hospitals, etc.) who are committed to collaboration and value-based care. You’re also saying “yes” to hyper-personalized support from our local team of wellness warriors. 

Of course, we’re biased, but we believe the hyper-personalized work we do and support we offer as wellness warriors (in coordination with our top tier of providers and hospitals) sets us one step above the rest. Instead of a prompted recording, we have a live person on the other end of your telephone call to answer questions. And if we don’t have the answer, you better believe we’ll find one for you.

Whether you use our team of wellness warriors to answer questions you have about where to go for care, help you connect with a primary care provider (which we guarantee access to, by the way), help your HR director understand the intricacies of your policy, navigate difficulties with an insurance claim, or organize annual biometric screenings and flu clinics for your employees, we’re here for you and your organization.

We’ve even created customized support for employers who want to educate their employees on the cost of care or want to help their employees cook healthier meals. For individuals, that customized support may look like a personal call to remind you it’s time to schedule an appointment. We will even connect you directly with your provider to finalize the appointment time and date. It also means we take the time to get to know you in order to connect you with a primary care provider that fits your unique needs or preferences.

Most people don’t know all this because we’re so busy out there supporting our members and employers, but this is an area where we shine!
We’ve recently committed to sharing these success stories with you! Of course, we won’t relay any personal details in order to protect our members. We know, we know—HIPAA, and we have no intention of violating any laws, but these stories are our WHY, the reason we do what we do every day. Helping you is the reason why we work for Monument Health as wellness warriors.

Daily we strive to support you and your employees live healthier lives. We hope you follow along on social media @monumenthhealthgj as we kickoff our Wellness Warrior Wins campaign to begin telling you about our work, which we truly believe makes a difference in the lives we touch and firmly establishes Monument Health as a leader delivering better, personalized health care every day.

Going the extra mile,
Your dedicated team of Wellness Warriors